Education Africa

Education Africa Delivers Mobile Responsive Donor Management Web App on Heroku

Education Africa's non-profit donor management system enables geo-located, recurring, and tax-effective donations.

Education Africa provides education, training and support to disadvantaged children and adults in Africa. They have instituted a number of projects to support this mission and are able to make these initiatives possible through global donations and funding.

The challenge

Education Africa is a global organization that receives donations from all over the world. The people contributing to Education Africa are active mobile users, and the Education Africa team wanted to give them an easy way to donate from anywhere and anytime. This was not a trivial undertaking, with different countries having different payment providers and flows for processing the donations.

Education Africa

Education Africa also wanted to give donors the ability to donate a small amount on a recurring monthly basis, so that they could feel like they were making a significant impact without making a large dent in their pocketbook.

The solution

Education Africa hired Singlebrook, a web development firm that specializes in custom app dev for non-profits, startups and higher ed, to build their mobile donation app on the Heroku platform. The team built a donor management app using Ruby on Rails, enabling users to login, view their donation history and download receipts. The donor management system also allows the Education Africa team to access donation metrics and see an aggregated view of all of the donations being processed as they come in.

Education Africa

Because contributions are made from all over the world, Education Africa also needed geo-location to recognize where the donation was coming from to then route the payment to the country specific payment provider and process.

Building a mobile-responsive donor management app on Heroku was exactly what we needed. We were able to deliver a simple and clean solution that allowed our users to make donations from anywhere in the world. James Urdang, Founder & CEO, Education Africa

Originally, Education Africa planned to rebuild their website and build a separate mobile app, but then decided to make their entire site responsive, which turned out to be not only a simpler solution, but also more cost effective as well.

App experience

The Education Africa HTML5 web app has a clean design and a simple user interface for processing donations. Users can simply select a monthly recurring donation or a single donation of any amount and enter their payment details for processing. It's that easy.

Education Africa

In addition, users learn more about Education Africa's amazing projects and how their donations have made an impact, such as Edu-bike Africa, which has distributed more than 167,000 workbooks to underprivileged children or Marimba Hubs, which has brought music into the classroom by training instructors with no prior musical background.

The impact of a small donation is remarkable and Education Africa makes it very easy to contribute. To learn more about Education Africa’s initiatives and make a donation, visit their Heroku web app at

Is your company looking to build a mobile-responsive app to handle payments or donor management? Education Africa is a great example of a Heroku customer making a huge impact with a well-designed and effective HTML5 web app. For more information, contact Heroku today.