Creating Rich Mobile Surveys With the Power of Salesforce and Heroku transforms their survey business into a beautiful, feature-rich customer experience.

GetFeedback is a modern online survey software tool that allows anyone to create visually engaging, branded, mobile-ready surveys in minutes. The app automatically formats a survey perfectly for those taking it on smartphones, tablets, and browsers. Users can view the data in real-time within GetFeedback or map it directly into Salesforce.

The challenge: maximize productivity while maintaining credibility with customers

GetFeedback serves thousands of companies around the world, and needed a cloud platform to provide maximum developer productivity, global scalability and reliability while delivering a compelling user experience. In addition, a compelling customer experience is critical in standing out amongst the plethora of online survey applications on the market. Trust is also a key factor, as organizations evaluating the GetFeedback solution often want to know that the platform it runs on is backed by a leading cloud provider.

The solution: Salesforce + Heroku = trusted platform

For GetFeedback, all signs pointed to the Heroku platform. The company benefits from the trust, reliability, and scalability demonstrated by the Salesforce brand, and the developer productivity that Heroku affords. As a result, the company estimates that it has increased developer productivity by 30% using the Heroku platform through a combination of its seamless deployment model and the time saved from not having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. More importantly, the company has peace of mind that the Heroku platform is proven rock-solid and secure.

We needed a platform that would allow for rapid development in our language of choice, simplified operations, and provided infinite scalability. Heroku delivered in spades. Gopal Patel, CTO, GetFeedback

App experience: engaging, beautiful

Creating a survey on GetFeedback is incredibly intuitive. Everything is done visually with drag and drop themes, custom colors and fonts, and question/answer templates built specifically for mobile, tablet and desktop. The survey builder uses a Powerpoint-like layout that allows you to build each “slide” with a variety of preset template options. Once the survey is built, you simply publish it and share with your users. The user experience is simple, clean and elegantly delivered on their preferred device. Survey data can even be integrated back into Salesforce.

In addition, GetFeedback will dynamically re-size and re-format every survey to display perfectly on today’s smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. The result? A fun, engaging experience for any audience that results in better response rates, better feedback, and better business decisions.