Trineo Helps their Clients Bring Data to Life on Heroku

Software development agency delivers integrated solutions for global clients with Heroku and Salesforce.

The lifeblood of any business is its data. A company’s health depends upon data flowing freely through its business systems and empowering its end users. For software development agency Trineo, a robust data flow is at the very heart of their service.

Trineo’s work focuses on bringing business data to life for their clients through a rich user experience, enterprise-grade APIs, CRM, and data aggregation and analysis at scale. Their expertise combines Salesforce and Heroku to deliver customized, integrated solutions to a broad range of global clients.

At Trineo, there are two sides of the house. One side focuses on helping clients get the most out of their Salesforce implementation, developing new solutions using Apex, VisualForce, and JavaScript. The other side builds bespoke apps and APIs on the Heroku platform, primarily using Ruby and Go along with a Heroku Postgres database and has been doing so since 2010. Heroku’s managed platform as a service (PaaS) frees the Trineo team from time-consuming DevOps tasks, so they can fully dedicate their resources to helping solve client problems.

Heroku allows us to spend 100% of our time focused on developing solutions for our clients, not managing servers or infrastructure. Abhinav Keswani, CTO, Trineo

An API-centric approach to data

The Trineo team believes in creating highly-customized APIs that are designed to meet the specific needs of the user-facing apps that will consume them. They construct and deploy usable, modern, and secure standards-based APIs on Heroku that express core business data, which is coupled with deep integration with a client’s incumbent back-end systems. Trineo’s employee and customer apps will then leverage those APIs to expose or ingest data, enabling a wide variety of use cases. The firm also specializes in developing identity APIs to enable unified user authentication across multiple disparate identity providers.


Trineo has helped many enterprise clients transform their business through strategic new digital systems. For Clear Channel Outdoor, the Trineo team is working on a new inventory sales and management system running on Heroku to replace the company’s manual and paper-based processes. After first establishing foundational APIs and apps, the team is now focused on building a suite of user-facing apps to empower employees, customers, partners, and others with access to inventory data. Their project has already increased efficiency and productivity for Clear Channel, and will soon boost sales by directly engaging customers in the process. Watch the webinar for an in-depth look at their implementation.

For Westfield, Trineo built a scalable solution on Heroku that used the power of data to drive deeper engagement with their customers. For each Westfield mall, Trineo’s web and mobile apps present business information, event news, and retailer data on available products, deals, and featured merchandise. The priority was a sophisticated user experience that was tailored to each market.


Trineo is bringing the physical and digital worlds together for yet another client: Intrawest. The firm is currently in the process of building out guest identity and profile systems, as well as an e-commerce channel, for two of Intrawest’s ski resorts in Colorado. Again, it’s all based on APIs and apps that enable a smooth flow of data from legacy systems to the customer and back again.

Heroku’s flexibility and ease-of-use allow our team to quickly prototype ideas and iterate quickly, so we can deliver customized, timely solutions for our clients. Abhinav Keswani, CTO, Trineo

Agile culture and collaboration

Agile methodology is in Trineo’s DNA and infuses every aspect of the company culture. Often, Trineo coaches their client on agile best practices and ways to establish an agile culture within their enterprise. By the end of each project, the entire team is living and breathing an agile approach working together to constantly deliver value to the end customer.

Deploying on Heroku is a natural extension of our agile practice. We can quickly test and deploy code when needed, and then get right back to focusing on development. Abhinav Keswani, CTO, Trineo

Trineo’s clients are a core part of the project team, bringing strong product ownership and business analysis skills to the table, as well as QA and backlog management support. The firm works best with clients who also have a technical skillset that can complement or augment Trineo’s for a particular project, such as expertise with legacy systems. Such clients typically bring a deep understanding of the pain points and hurdles that can arise in large scale enterprise initiatives.

Trineo’s collaborative approach extends across continents, with teams and clients based in New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. With each new project, Trineo learns new industry domains and hones their craft, so the team can be ever more effective in bringing a client’s data—and business vision—to life.

Due to their work with Clear Channel Outdoor, Trineo won the 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Heroku — congratulations! Learn more about the award and how it showcases the value that partners bring to Salesforce customers.

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