Forever Living

Forever Living Delivers Enterprise Scale on Heroku

Health and wellness products company provides real-time data to millions of distributors.

Forever Living is an international health and wellness business that grows, manufactures and sells dozens of products across multiple categories, including nutritional drinks and supplements, skin care, weight management and cosmetics. Forever Living’s core product was originally aloe vera, and the company still cultivates aloe vera on more than seven thousand acres.

The challenge: supporting millions of customer and distributors around the world

From its small beginnings, Forever Living has turned into a global enterprise and its business needs have outgrown its mainframe-based IT systems. With millions of customers and an international distribution network, it needed better tools for informing and empowering its senior management and sales leaders with a clear overview of the entire business.

But Forever Living faced an additional challenge: Its millions of customers can also work as distributors who can earn revenue on monthly sales of Forever Living’s health and wellness products. Meeting objectives required providing these millions of international distributors with the data they needed to succeed, including real-time channel data, customer purchase information, operations data, planning materials, and analysis—yet making the tools for working with that data easy to use for these home-based businesses. Perhaps the greatest challenge however, was accomplishing this depth of reporting and analytics across the amounts of data that their business was generating, with more than 100 million rows of data, and growing.

Their objective was to be able to visualize global distribution for the entire company at any time, such that anyone in the organization worldwide can see the appropriate data, when they need it, on a desktop, web browser, or mobile device.

The solution: Heroku and Salesforce for enterprise performance and scale

Forever Living implemented Heroku with Salesforce to provide their real-time information needs and was able to get up and running quickly and at scale. In fact, in just their first six months on the Heroku platform, they:

  • Released a custom community presence that leverages Heroku and Heroku data for reporting and dashboards
  • Rolled out an agent portal for service agents as a service cloud implementation
  • Released a customer mobile app, also running on Heroku, and
  • Created a beta of an internal employee view

To provide for the real-time data needs, they now pre-aggregate their channel numbers in Heroku and then use Heroku Connect to integrate with Salesforce and Service Cloud to power their mobile apps, agent portal, and employee views. With Heroku Connect’s bi-directional syncing, they can ensure that Salesforce updates are reflected in Heroku Postgres in a timely manner, and updates made in Heroku Postgres are reflected in Salesforce.

With Heroku Connect we were able to build and deploy our applications to over 150 countries in under 90 days. Heroku is helping thousands across our company analyze and action global data in real time. Heroku has transformed the way we do business and lets us do anything we can dream up! Andrew O’Hare, Executive Director, Strategic Development & Digital, Forever Living

App experience: instant access to all the data

With the new system, senior management can get instant insight across their distribution channels: How many new customers did we sign up this week? And then ask, how many in the United States and Canada? And finally, how many in San Francisco, or Sao Paolo, or New Delhi? The Forever Living team can pivot to that information and display it instantly.

With Heroku driving the backend, our dashboard can pivot numbers across 14 million distributors and aggregate in mere seconds. Seth Winters, Manager, Web Development, Forever Living

Forever Living now offers mobile apps for their customers and distributors, as well as the FLP360 dashboard that lets them see their volume, channel activity, and performance, recruitment and productivity information. It also allows them to interact with their customers and distributors using email, chat or video conferencing, join discussions, and build custom websites for their personal distribution businesses. It’s a complete business solution for all their distributors, all powered by Heroku.