Cybersecurity Experts Choose Heroku and Sales Cloud to Create Integrated E-Commerce Solution

Malwarebytes protects consumers and enterprises from today’s most advanced cyber attacks

Malware – just reading the word is likely to cause a blip of anxiety on your radar. You’ve heard about viruses and bugs, but are you aware of worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, and even ransomware? And do you know what evil can they bring to your devices? Oh my! We are all running millions of lines of code every day as we use our favorite devices, apps, and Internet-based services. Behind all that computing activity streaming in the background lurk bad guys who pinpoint vulnerabilities that let them reach into our machines and have their way with our data. This may sound like paranoia run rampant, but let’s face it - cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for all of us.

Beating the Bots – Advanced Malware Protection

In 2008, Malwarebytes was founded on the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to a malware-free existence. The company wanted to help consumers and businesses protect themselves against the most advanced cyber attacks in today’s threatscape. Their industry-leading malware scanning products detect and remove malicious software that has infected your PC or mobile device. Their anti-exploit technology defends against exploit-delivered attacks that infiltrate your own software and compromises vulnerable code. Their premium products go one step further and shield browsers and other popular applications. Their business products offer a layered solution that also includes remediation tools and endpoint security.


As their business grew, Malwarebytes needed to upgrade their e-commerce system and bring it in-house. Their legacy platform was comprised of disparate systems with insufficient reporting and billing capabilities, as well as a costly pricing model for transactions. They needed a more robust yet cost-effective solution that would easily scale to support their rapidly growing demand and could also evolve to support new products and marketing content.

Delivering Cyber Defense on Heroku

Malwarebytes engineers designed a unified system that tied a scalable, cloud-based e-commerce portal running on the Heroku platform to a robust back-end that integrated several commerce platforms, including Zuora for billing, as well as Salesforce to capture leads and manage customer data. The company was already familiar with Heroku and knew the platform could easily support their rapid growth. The portal solution would allow for easy updates to product and marketing content, as well as provide self-service order and subscription management for both consumers and business customers.

Heroku’s scalability and ‘pay as you grow’ pricing model has greatly helped us control operational costs as our business evolves. Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes

To help them implement the Salesforce and Heroku components of their new system, Malwarebytes engaged technology consulting agency Comity Designs. As a Salesforce Silver Alliance Partner, Comity had deep experience with Salesforce products and recommended Sales Cloud to support Malwarebyte’s B2B sales processes for high-volume, negotiated sales and renewals.


Running our web app on Heroku allows us to change the look and feel in minutes, so we can easily support marketing campaigns and seasonal updates. Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes

The development team built the e-commerce portal on Heroku using Ruby on Rails for the back-end and AngularJS to create a single-page application on the front-end. They integrated Heroku Connect to sync customer and subscription data between the portal, their Salesforce instance, and a Heroku Postgres database, enabling a seamless flow of data. They used REST and SOAP APIs to enable account and contact creation in Salesforce, as well as integration with the Zuora subscription billing platform. Several Heroku Add-ons provided extra functionality and services beyond the Heroku runtime platform, including Papertrail for log management and SSL encryption.

Heroku Connect is the catalyst that enables a seamless flow of data between our web portal, Salesforce, and our Postgres database. All the data we need is at our fingertips. Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes

App Experience

Customers browse a sophisticated website to learn about Malwarebytes product portfolio. Those interested in purchasing are presented with a streamlined, single shopping cart page that makes the transaction as quick and painless as possible. Users purchase a one year subscription and can manage their renewal and amendment preferences. The shopping cart supports multiple currencies, and the site itself supports multiple languages. Once the transaction is complete, the user is guided through software download and installation processes.

Business users interested in bulk sales or enterprise offerings can contact the Malwarebytes sales team for further information. Companies who purchase the bundled malware and anti-exploit protection software get access to a management console which lets them easily administer software clients while assessing the overall security of their endpoints from one screen. An additional remediation tool is available to remotely scan and disinfect endpoints over the network, without the need to install clients company-wide. Malwarebytes also provides other useful tools to address specific security issues and system repairs.

With Malwarebytes standing guard over our precious data, we can breathe a little easier next time we boot up.

Does your company need a scalable, cost-effective e-commerce solution that supports both consumer and enterprise sales? Malwarebytes relies on a unified system based on Heroku and Salesforce integration to support their rapid business growth. For more information, contact Heroku today.