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New Product Owners Buy Extra Peace of Mind through a Heroku App Connected to Salesforce

ProtectionPlace by The Warranty Group is a one-stop portal for purchasing extended warranty protection and tracking claims

Making a major purchase for your home or office is exciting. You can’t wait to use your new computer, television, printer, or camera and experience all that it has to offer. Yet you know that once it’s out of the box, it is at risk. Not only could its mechanical or electrical parts break down, but accidents and unintentional mishaps can also be a reality with everyday ownership. Manufacturers’ warranties vary greatly: some will cover your product for up to a year, and most offer limited coverage. You want to protect your investment and make sure your new device can continue to serve you for years to come.

One-Stop Product Protection

The Warranty Group, a global leader in product protection programs across numerous industry verticals, wanted to help buyers achieve peace of mind beyond their original warranty period. The company engaged Slalom Consulting to help design and develop a new consumer portal called ProtectionPlace to provide an easy way to extend the warranty coverage for their new electronic products. The web app offers a one-stop solution for purchasing such protection services, submitting and tracking warranty claims, and accessing product-related information and purchase receipts. Not only can buyers extend their original warranty period, but ProtectionPlace also covers accidental damage from day one for most items.

From Legacy to Future on Salesforce + Heroku

An enterprise-wide goal for The Warranty Group was to replace multiple legacy systems, including a 50-year old CRM system, with a single cloud-based solution across multiple languages, currencies, and geographies. They needed the right technology to make this monumental shift in their business model and operations. Therefore, the development team chose to leverage the Salesforce platform as the core, and added Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to power numerous business functions such as contact center, back-end transaction, and financial processing. Choosing the Heroku platform to run their new consumer portal made perfect sense.

ProtectionPlace Diagram

Heroku’s ability to allow our development team to “spin up” a new server and host an application is second to none. It was fast, easy and reliable. Paul Risk, Chief of Global Applications & Architecture, The Warranty Group

The team built their MEAN (Mongo Express Angular Node) stack application on Heroku and appreciated the platform’s straightforward administration tools. To help them extend and operate their app, the development team chose several key Heroku Add-ons, including: Logentries for log management, MongoLab to manage their Mongo database, New Relic APM to monitor and tune their app, and SSL endpoint encryption to protect sensitive information.

The Salesforce + Heroku approach offers a long-term game changer for us, opening up an entirely new business opportunity for the company. Paul Risk, Chief of Global Applications & Architecture, The Warranty Group

To date The Warranty Group has primarily been focused on their B2B business, but the ProtectionPlace app establishes an entirely new consumer channel that will drive an additional revenue stream and build different customer relationships. With no legacy systems limiting their ability to iterate and evolve, the company plans to expand their ProtectionPlace app in future to cover the appliance and technology sides of their business.

ProtectionPlace Homepage

App Experience

The ProtectionPlace web app offers an elegant and streamlined user experience that takes the complexity and confusion out of shopping for warranty protection. Consumers who have purchased a new product within the last 90 days can obtain a quote for extended protection in minutes, choosing a warranty period of 2, 3, or 4 years. The purchase process is an easy two-step process. Purchasers can cancel or renew at any time as well as enjoy a 30-day no commitment preview. The site provides enough detail on how their warranty products work, without overwhelming the user in technical or legalese.

Once users purchase protection, they are presented with a dashboard that allows them to manage their plan, add coverage, file a claim, and cancel or transfer their contract. Users are reminded to upload their product purchase receipt to ensure that claims can be processed smoothly.

In just a few clicks, consumers can enjoy peace of mind along with their exciting new products.

Is your company building a consumer eCommerce portal tied to Salesforce on the backend? The Warranty Group relies on Heroku to power their customer-facing web app and funnel data back into their Salesforce instance for internal teams to access and use. For more information, contact Heroku today.